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Welcome to the SBC ELEM60 & HS64 Website
. We are former
  classmates  from  those  glorious  and  formative years we spent at   
 our Alma Mater, San Beda College, Manila Philippines.                  

Our objectives for setting this website are:
1. To be able to re-kindle old friendships developed through
             many  years  of  being  together in  grade school and high        
        2. To  be  able  to  locate  and  communicate once more with       
     former  classmates who have not  been in touch  with any
of us for a long time.                                                          
            3. To  perhaps  facilitate  a  grand  reunion  among  a  great            
         number of  us in 2004, before we reach the age of senility.     
  4. To reminisce  on the past, exchange views on  the present    
        and inspire hope  for the future  as we  once  more  enjoy      
  each other's company albeit in cyberspace.                      

       We invite you  to  visit  with  your  CLASSMATES,  reminisce  as
   you visit the
GALLERY,  post a  message in the  MESSAGE BOARD, know      
  who are celebrating their
BIRTHDAYS this month, visit the
and converse  by email  with a maximum of 10 of your classmates at   
  a  time,  contribute 
ARTICLES  common  to  our  interests  and  know    
  our former classmates home base  and  email addresses by  checking      out the


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